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ManjaLink: 5 Important Things You Should Know

14 Apr 2022

Dear valued ManjaLink customers, glad to have you back! With the reopening of the borders, we are now working hard to restore all the cross-border bus services. Hence, we have compiled some information about the ManjaLink card, which we believe will be helpful to you in terms of refreshing your knowledge and having a better understanding of your current card status, and avoiding any possible service interruptions that might happen.

1. How can I tell if my ManjaLink card is active?
A: If you haven’t done any top-up to your ManjaLink card for the past Six(6) months then your card is considered inactive.

2. How can I reactivate my ManjaLink card?
A: Do a minimum top-up on your ManjaLink card either through ManjaLink website, LUGO app, or any ManjaLink counters/self-service kiosk.

Useful links:
ManjaLink website top-up link
LUGO app
ManjaLink counter/self-service kiosk locations

3. Where can I do a top-up or get a new ManjaLink card?
A: You may do your top-up or get a new ManjaLink card from any of our ManjaLink counter/self-service kiosk.
ManjaLink counter/self-service kiosk locations

4. What should I do if my ManjaLink card is malfunctioned?
A: Visit any of our ManjaLink service counter and let our staff handle it for you.
ManjaLink counter locations

5. When should I tap my ManjaLink card?
A: For CROSS BORDER (to and from Singapore) you need to TAP IN ONLY when boarding the bus (including when re-boarding the bus at checkpoints). If you tap out (when alighting), you will get overcharged.
For Malaysia LOCAL bus routes you need to TAP IN (WHEN BOARDING) and OUT (WHEN ALIGHTING) to avoid wrong fare deduction.