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Online top-up may take 3 hours to reflect

20 Jun 2022

Dear ManjaLink Members,

When you made an online top-up to your ManjaLink card via the LUGO App or the ManjaLink website, the top-up value will only be reflected on your ManjaLink Card when tapping is made on the bus or self-service machine/kiosk.

However, due to internet connection limitations in some regions, it may sometimes take up to 3 hours for your online top-up to be reflected on your ManjaLink Card. To expedite the process, we would suggest you to visit any of our self-service machine/kiosk and tap your card there if you wish to have your pending Travel Credits credited to your account immediately before boarding the bus.

Self-service machine locations

  • JB CIQ counter
  • JB Sentral Counter
  • Gelang Patah Counter
  • TF Value Mart Counter

Self-service kiosk locations

  • Kranji Mobile
  • Queen Street Bus Terminal
  • Jurong Point

ManjaLink Team